Our Six-Step Process

We developed a process for successful billing based on our decades of experience working with radiology practices. Our exclusive Six-Step Process details the MBMS billing workflow, ensuring that MBMS outperforms the competition in the areas below from charge capture to cash reconciliation.

mbms data

Cleaner Claims =

Lower Accounts Receivable
& Stronger Net Collections

MBMS Process Infographic

  • MBMS ensures every charge is captured and billed. To accomplish this, we maximize the use of automation and technology. However, some aspects of the charge capture process can’t be automated. Our billing specialists research and reconcile any remaining information needed to complete the charge capture process. Throughout the process, MBMS works closely with hospital and imaging center partners.

  • Our coding process begins after we have received the information from the hospital or imaging centers. Our coders are trained to optimize reimbursement based on the documentation that the radiologist provides while always maintaining compliance. 

  • During the MBMS transition process, we will obtain a client’s most up-to-date payor contracts.  Contracts are uploaded to our billing platform, Resolve®, and, during the billing process, payments are compared to contracted rates. 

    All discrepancies are documented in the MBMS Shortage Report. This report is analyzed by the MBMS Billing Specialists dedicated to your account who will thoroughly research the discrepancies through online resources and databases to understand the root cause.

  • Our goal is to prevent denials on the backend by maximizing our clean claim rate upfront. If a claim gets denied, we will identify its root cause to prevent the denial from reoccuring.


    We’re constantly identifying and analyzing denial trends to minimize future denials. MBMS and our clients have access to customized denial reports such as our Denial Matrix and Denial Resolution Report, which help us convert initially denied claims into payments.

  • Our A/R Management process is critical to receiving payments from payors and patients as quickly as possible. The longer a claim remains unpaid, the more difficult it is to collect on it. 

    We create customizable billing cycles, support multiple payment options, and provide various opportunities for patients to pay their bills, including customizable payment plans. Through reporting and analytics, our clients have access to detailed reports to understand their receivables.

    Our unique pre-collection process exhausts all available options prior to the claim being classified as bad debt.

  • Each day, your dedicated team of billing specialists reconciles all items posted in the MBMS billing system with the deposits in the client’s bank account.

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