What Makes MBMS Unique?

Just What Exactly Is The MBMS Difference?

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  • The MBMS Difference means you always have unrestricted access to your Senior-Level Account Manager who also manages your entire account team.

  • Making it easier to keep in touch with your account team is only part of the difference between MBMS and our competition. MBMS also makes it easier for your patients to reach our billing team if they have questions about a bill or need more information.

  • MBMS’s TeamTechnology® combines the industry-leading performance of Resolve® – MBMS’s proprietary software –with Discover®, our robust business analytics tool, driven by our highly-trained billing specialists.

  • Our unique Six-Step Process is rooted in decades of radiology billing experience and best practices. This includes a level of client customization which reduces errors and improves turnaround times. This results in cleaner claims, lower accounts receivable, and stronger net collections while consistently exceeding industry key performance indicators and benchmarks.

Unmatched Client Satisfaction

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MBMS Client Satisfaction Rate Is Unmatched

MBMS believes the most important performance metric is best measured by those MBMS serves. We encourage prospective radiology practices to speak directly to our clients when considering a billing company change.

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Two Industry-Unique Guarantees

MBMS’s Transition Guarantee removes any risks associated with the transition from your current billing provider to MBMS. Our Performance Guarantee ensures cash collections will improve after the transition. Both guarantees offer billing confidence unmatched by the competition.

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“Speaking one-on-one with MBMS clients during the billing company selection process gave us confidence that selecting MBMS was the best choice for our practice.”

Joshua Dorsey
Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky
Crestview Hills, KY


MBMS’s Industry Involvement

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Whether attending national conferences or participating as a member/speaker on boards and committees, MBMS is at the forefront and understands the importance of being active in various radiology-specific national and state associations such as: Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), American College of Radiology (ACR) and radiological societies. Additionally, MBMS has been a longtime corporate sponsor of the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA). RBMA continues to be at the forefront of radiology advocacy and engagement.

The MBMS Difference Is Results

The MBMS Difference is built upon a foundation of being responsive and achieving outstanding results for our clients. It is these results that continue to distinguish MBMS from the competition.

At MBMS, We Specialize In What Matters Most To You!