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Receive Optimal Reimbursement And Remain Compliant

A major challenge facing radiologists today is receiving the optimal reimbursement for the services you render while remaining compliant. This has become increasingly more difficult as the radiology industry continues to battle:

  • ■ Changes in complex legislative mandates
  • ■ Changes in coding requirements
  • ■ Pressures to provide the highest level of patient care

MBMS’s Coding and Compliance Team ensures all MBMS clients are compliant with the latest regulations and are aware of all relevant industry changes that may affect your practice.

“MBMS’s Interventional Radiology coding experts get us paid for the complex procedures we perform.”

Dr. Anthony Spinelli
Charlottesville Radiology
Charlottesville, VA

Dr. Spinelli

MBMS Uses Only Certified Coders

Our process helps us identify dictation trends and provides an opportunity to suggest improvements to our clients, which reduces inaccuracies, and allows us to deliver one of the highest clean claims rates in the industry.

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Physicians Coding Portal

Clients have access to MBMS’s online Physicians Coding Portal: an ongoing communications loop from our certified coders to our radiologists, delivering instant, expert feedback on dictation improvement areas, including those affecting MIPS Quality scores.

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Interventional Radiology Coding Team

At MBMS, we treat interventional radiology procedures differently from diagnostic radiology procedures. Therefore, we have experienced, certified (RCCIR) coders and auditors. Interventional radiology audits are conducted separately, and all complex interventional radiology coding is reviewed by more than one coder.

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MBMS’s Coding And Compliance Leadership Team

What Should Every Radiology Practice Know About Coding?

Accurate radiology coding is one of the essential parts of a healthy revenue cycle as it sets the course for a seamless claims process in order to achieve the highest clean claim rates.