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The MBMS Performance Guarantee

Our “Performance Guarantee” is another unique and exclusive feature to ensure that the highest level of performance is achieved for our clients.

How does it work?

During the sales process, we will analyze your billing data through our MBMS Practice Analysis and estimate a specific level of improved performance based on industry standards and comparative MBMS clients.

If you qualify for the MBMS Performance Guarantee, the improvement in your practice’s performance is guaranteed IN WRITING.

The MBMS Performance Guarantee makes us accountable for your ongoing success. If we fail to achieve the level of performance we guarantee, we will be financially-responsible.

The MBMS Transition Guarantee

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How Can We Make This Guarantee?

Our strength is in our experience! With our dedicated and experienced billing transition team successfully transitioning more and more new clients to MBMS each year, we are confident in guaranteeing that your practice’s collections will not decrease during the transition to MBMS.

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No Loss Of Income

The MBMS Transition Guarantee ensures no reduction in cash flow to your practice during the transition period.

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