The Best People, The Most Advanced, Cutting Edge Technology!

People+Technology = PeopleTechnology.℠
Larry Buller Jr.

MBMS Technology

In The Last 25 Years The Growth In Radiology Practice Technology Has Been Explosive. Does Your Present Billing Company Have The Tools To Keep Up?

Unlike our competitors, at MBMS the best, most advanced technology starts with the brightest, most highly trained people. For example, our team has internally developed a flexible and highly responsive proprietary billing platform called Resolve. Resolve was created specifically for radiology billing and uniquely links directly to Discover™ one of the most intuitive analytical tools in the industry. Discover™ can integrate your radiology practice financial accounting and operational billing systems together to provide you with a concise, easy to understand, Dashboard reporting tool. This provides you with an accurate analysis on how your practice is performing with the most current and accurate analysis on how your practice is performing right now!

The best people, the most advanced, cutting edge technology!

Together, it’s what we call PeopleTechnology℠, synonymous with continuously upgradable, totally customizable, seamlessly integrateable solutions that are the standard for radiology billing performance. It provides speed, accuracy and accountability. Here are some very good additional PeopleTechnology℠ reasons why what matters most to your technology, matters most to MBMS:

  • MBMS’ PeopleTechnology℠ team of IT developers and programmers maintains and continually updates our software to reflect changes in reimbursement to ensure that all client accounts remain in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH regulations. We never have to wait for a 3rd party software update like our competitors.
  • MBMS maintains internal development resources dedicated to interface requirements. Interface files can be created at any time and can be used to extract data from two of MBMS' most robust platforms: MBMS Reports and MBMS Discover™.
  • MBMS maintains cutting edge security measures to prevent outside interference and hacking into your data.
  • MBMS employs the latest self-healing network technology as well as virtual server backups that insure consistent and reliable infrastructure to protect your data 24/7/365.
  • Based upon MBMS’ investment in infrastructure, redundant capability and advanced operational processes we are able to achieve an uptime greater than 99%.
  • Offsite storage includes disk-to-disk daily removal as well as cloud-based services. Investments include: generators, battery backups and warm-site disaster recovery options in the event of a national disaster.
  • Because we don’t have to rely on independent software vendors for custom programming or system updates, our system has the ability to “communicate” with other systems and platforms, which provides MBMS with the unique opportunity to partner with a leading business analytics company to create Discover, the web-based dashboard reporting tool we currently use to capture and analyze all data elements contained within Resolve, down to the patient detail level.
  • Our online access is available through any secure internet connection.
  • MBMS has over twenty-five plus years of “business rules” logic built into our entire platform, which allows for maximum customization per client.

Resolve is a multidimensional or multi-value database management system. Nearly 2,000 companies worldwide run in this same type of environment; they do so because it is the most efficient, most powerful, fastest database/software application for high transaction volume industries like yours.

Because MBMS doesn’t depend on 3rd party software vendors like our competitors we can complete upgrades on an ongoing/as needed basis. It also means we never have to wait for the next large scale software “releases.”

"MBMS has handled our billing since 1997 and we consider it one of the most beneficial relationships we have developed in the industry. MBMS adds value to our practice through their personalized service and their Discover Analytics Tool that allows instant, real-time access to reports regarding account information. By simply logging into Discover via the internet from our office we can view and create multiple reports based on patient data, CPT codes, modality, payer and many others . Letting them handle our group’s billing allows us to concentrate on offering the best radiology expertise possible."
Business Manager | Radiology practice located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 30 Radiologists
"I have worked with other billing providers in the past, none as good as MBMS. MBMS has made my job so much easier by maximizing our cash flow, providing great advice, more meaningful and timely reporting, and outstanding customer service to both our organization and our patients. It takes a lot to make the doctors happy with a billing service provider; MBMS has successfully accomplished that goal."
COO | Radiology practice performing services in the greater Denver, CO area | 28 Radiologists
"A lot of companies talk about bottom line improvement but can’t deliver. MBMS has not only bolstered our bottom line but has improved all critical performance benchmarks our practice evaluates regularly. We choose MBMS over both local and national radiology billing and practice management companies; it is a decision that continues to pay dividends."
Radiologist and Board Member | Radiology practice performing services in the Chicago Land Area | 47 Radiologists
"Since becoming a client in 1999, my partners and I have been thoroughly impressed with the consistency of MBMS’ cash flow and bottom line results as it pertains to our practice. The dedicated employees and Senior Level Client Service Managers responsible for our performance are an extension of our practice, providing us with full range practice management services and a unique outlook on the future of radiology and how we can continue to be successful."
President and Radiologist | Practice located in Central Pennsylvania | 7 Radiologists
"MBMS is more than just a billing company, they are a true business partner.  As the leader of a radiology practice with several hospital contracts and imaging centers, I look to MBMS to assist me in areas that go beyond just revenue cycle management. The hosting of educational events, the foresight to form industry leading management services organizations and their willingness to introduce strategic business partners to their clients truly defines what a long term, mutually beneficial relationship looks like in our industry."
CEO | Radiology practice performing services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware | 42 Radiologists
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