Partner With One Of The Most Experienced Radiology Billing Senior Management Teams In The Industry!

 Executive Management Team

When you partner with MBMS you’re working with an Executive Team who have ownership in the company – unique in the industry –which allows us to reinvest our profits into what matters most: our people, technology, and most importantly our clients.

Tom Schovee


Tom has been the CEO at MBMS since 2004, overseeing the company with a leadership approach that focuses on process, performance, and innovation. With an engineering degree from Bucknell University, Tom’s prior experiences at Fortune 100 firms such as Proctor and Gamble has allowed MBMS to reach the highest level of patient satisfaction and billing performance in the industry.  He remains heavily involved with the day-to-day operations at MBMS and speaks at regional and national radiology conferences.

Cathy Sells

RCC, President

Cathy is one of MBMS’s longest-tenured employees, holding numerous positions within the company and contributing in nearly every aspect in the billing process since 1986.  Cathy is widely recognized as one of the industry experts in billing process management.  She has been a longstanding member of the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA), regularly attending regional and national conferences, and have served on various committees.  Additionally, Cathy is a Radiology Certified Coder (RCC).

Tischa Roberts

Chief Operating Officer

Since 2001, Tischa has worked every aspect of MBMS’s day-to-day billing process on her way to becoming Chief Operating Officer, a position that includes overseeing the entire client services organization as well as other MBMS key departments.  Tischa’s philosophy is that dedicated billing teams focused on individual MBMS client accounts produces the highest level of accountability and performance.  Tischa is an active RBMA member. 

Michaele Christensen

Executive Vice President of Client Services

Since joining MBMS in 1998, Michaele has worked every aspect of MBMS’s day-to-day billing process before assuming the role of overseeing MBMS’s client service management team.  Michaele is an active RBMA member. 

Jason Cavallaro

CMPE, MBA, CPC, Vice President of Practice Management

Jason joined MBMS in 2011, bringing more than 20 years of practice management and consulting experience to the company.  Jason oversees a team of practice managers that focus on determining the impact of how local and national regulations can affect a radiology practice’s bottom line.  He consistently keeps a pulse on the business of radiology through involvement with groups including RBMA and MGMA. Jason is a past co-chair of RBMA’s Data Committee, and he is also a Certified Professional Coder (CPC).  Jason holds a B.S. in Finance from Southern Connecticut State University and an MBA in Finance from Quinnipiac University. 

Larry Buller, Jr.

Executive Vice President of Technology

Larry has been with MBMS since 2006 and currently oversees MBMS’s IT Development and Support teams as well as MBMS’s Client Development and Support teams. The IT development and support team is responsible for MBMS’s billing platform Resolve as well as our business analytics tool, Discover. The client development and support teams are responsible for onboarding new clients. Together with his teams, Larry continues to search for new strategic partnerships to remain on the cutting edge of radiology billing.  Larry is an active RBMA member and holds a B.S. in Management and Marketing from Eastern University.

Rob Carfagno

Executive Vice President of Operations

Rob started with MBMS in 2013 and brought with him years of operational experience through working with one of the country’s largest radiology practices.  Focusing on best practices, Rob concentrates his efforts on finding ways to refine MBMS’s processes to improve overall efficiencies.  He is an active RBMA member and received his B.S. & B.A. from American University.

Laurie Lynch

Vice President of Project Management

Laurie joined MBMS in 1996 and currently oversees the Client Development and Support team.  As a Certified Project Manager, Laurie and her team focus solely on onboarding new clients by creating detailed guidelines and by interfacing with key MBMS personnel to ensure a smooth and seamless transition process to MBMS.  Laurie is an active RBMA member.

Matt Ostrum

Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Matt joined MBMS in 2008, and possess an extensive radiology background, having worked with radiologists in both outpatient and hospital-based settings.  As the leader of MBMS’s sales and marketing team, Matt has played the primary role in organizing and developing the company’s approach to sales and marketing. Matt is actively involved in RBMA, serving as the President of the RBMA’s Northeast Chapter as well as participating on the Chapter’s Board, and is the chair of the Vendor Committee for RBMA national.  Matt received his B.S. in Business Management from the University of Delaware.

Michael Rosenthal

MBA, Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Since 2014, Michael has been focused on new client acquisition and business development strategies for MBMS.  Michael brings to MBMS a background in management consulting, healthcare operations, and healthcare sales spanning 30 years working with a wide range of Fortune 50 corporations.  Michael earned his MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Georgia.  He has also been an active and long-serving committee member for both MGMA and RBMA. 

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