With An Average 98% Clean Claims Rate MBMS Delivers One Of The Highest Accuracy Ratings In The Industry.

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Receive Optimal Reimbursement!

A major challenge facing radiologists today is receiving the optimal reimbursement for the services you are rendering while remaining compliant. This has become increasingly more difficult as the radiology industry continues to battle changes in complex legislative mandates, a change in coding sets, and the overall pressures of providing the highest level of patient care. MBMS’s Coding & Compliance Team ensures all MBMS clients are compliant with the latest regulations and are aware of all relevant industry changes that may affect their practice.

MBMS Uses Only Certified Coders


Our process helps us identify dictation trends, provides an opportunity to suggest improvements to our clients, which reduces inaccuracies, and allows us to deliver one of the highest clean claims rates in the industry.

MBMS clients also have access to MBMS’s Physicians Coding Portal; an ongoing communications loop from our certified coders to our radiologists, delivering instant, expert feedback on dictation improvement areas, including those affecting MIPS Quality scores. At MBMS, we treat interventional radiology procedures differently from diagnostic radiology procedures. Therefore, we have expert coders in each area including a physician leading the interventional coding team.

Lori Shore, VP of Coding Education & Compliance, BS, CPC, RCC, RCCIR, FRBMA, Has Over 40 Years Coding Experience

To maintain the highest level of accuracy, we conduct monthly coding and documentation audits for all MBMS clients. Lori Shore is MBMS’ Vice President of Coding Education & Compliance, and over 31 of Lori’s 40 years of coding experience has been spent at MBMS.   Additionally, she is the Chairperson of the Radiology Business Management Association’s (RBMA) Coding Subcommittee. In this role, she has managed two of RBMA’s coding training courses (ICD-10 and RCC), and she speaks nationally and locally for numerous industry associations on coding topics. Lori also personally conducts onsite coding and documentation seminars for all MBMS clients and hosts coding-related webinars throughout the year.  Lori continues to help our clients with developing practice-specific compliance plans.  Lori earned her BS in Education from Drexel University and recently earned her RCCIR and FRBMA certifications. 

Lori Shore

CPC, RCC, Vice President of Coding Education and Compliance

Lori Shore has been with MBMS since its inception in 1986 and was the company’s first employee hired. Lori leads a team of certified coders responsible for maintaining compliance while optimizing reimbursement through coding and documentation best practices. Lori personally conducts onsite coding and documentation seminars for all MBMS clients and hosts coding-related webinars throughout the year.  In addition, Lori continues to help our clients with developing practice-specific compliance plans. Lori speaks regionally and nationally for numerous industry associations.  Lori has a degree from Drexel University.

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