MBMS's Vice President of Coding Education and Compliance To Present at RBMA PaRADigm

by Kim Aluise | Apr 12, 2019
Lori Shore, MBMS' VP of Coding Education and Compliance, will be presenting at RBMA PaRADigm on Monday, April 14th on the importance of coding certification. 

The Benefits of Radiology Specific Certification 

This micro-session will explore the benefits of having RCC or RCCIR certified coders in your organization. RBMA is not only for business management leaders but also for those who drive your revenue cycle, your coders. Unlike other specialties, radiology requires knowledge of nearly the entire CPT book, not just the radiology chapter.
Joe Calandra CMO, Midwest Imaging Professionals
Joe Calandra - CMO, Midwest Imaging Professionals
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