Introducing Discover,® MBMS’ Industry Leading Business Analytics Dashboard Reporting Tool

Discover® transforms the way you run your practice.
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MBMS’ Dashboard Reporting Tool: Discover® Let’s You Know Exactly How Well Your Radiology Practice's Billing Is Performing Right Now!

Gathering the tremendous amount of information needed on-demand in the high transaction volume environment of a typical radiology group practice like yours can be an incredibly time and labor intensive process. Yet an accurate window into the day-to-day performance of your practice is vital to making sound business management decisions.

Introducing Discover®, MBMS’ industry leading business analytics platform. Discover® is designed to seamlessly integrate with Resolve our exclusive billing system software, to access your billing information directly and generate reports at the touch of a button.

With Discover®, you can access an extensive suite of customizable management reports and dashboards created exclusively for your practice by our PeopleTechnology℠ team that can provide a snapshot of practice health at a glance. Additional reports can be created by any member of your team in Discover® with just a few mouse clicks. These reports can display key metrics for practice profitability in either spreadsheet or graphic formats, export information to Excel or automatically email reports on any schedule desired.

Discover® makes monitoring your cash flow, exam volumes, RVUs, referral trends, and almost any other practice management metric simple. Drill down into your data to analyze specific trends to understand these factors as they are affecting your practice. One click generates details by CPT code, physician, modality, insurance type, patient type, referring physician or site.

Reports can easily be printed, saved or shared with the touch of a button which can all be saved in your custom library. We can even create restrictions on an individual user level to protect sensitive data and ensure only those responsible can access the data.

Together With Resolve, Discover® Can Provide You A Day-To-Day Window Into The Health Of Your Radiology Practice.

Our MBMS' TeamTechnology℠, combining the very best technology with our dedicated billing & account services teams, provides you the critical information you need on-demand, everyday, to run a successful radiology group practice. Just one more way MBMS specializes in what matters most to you! 


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Joe Calandra CMO, Midwest Imaging Professionals
Joe Calandra - CMO, Midwest Imaging Professionals
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Joe Calandra - CMO, Midwest Imaging Professionals
Joe Calandra CMO, Midwest Imaging Professionals
View More Testimonials
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