It Starts With The Two Best Guarantees In The Industry



Why choose one of the fastest growing radiology billing & practice management companies in the country?

It Starts With The Two Best Guarantees In The Industry

MBMS’ exclusive “Transition Guarantee” can provide your group practice the confidence to switch to MBMS. That’s because we can guarantee no slowing down of cash flow and no loss of income during the transition from your current company to MBMS. Once you become an MBMS client we can provide our exclusive “MBMS Performance Guarantee,” which guarantees a specific level of improved performance since joining MBMS. Only MBMS offers two of the strongest guarantees in the business. Together, they provide additional sound reasons for choosing MBMS. But perhaps the most convincing reasons shouldn’t come from us at all.

Don’t Ask Us. Ask Them!

At MBMS our client list is an open book, enabling you to speak directly to the individuals running each of our client practices. Which means the best, most convincing reasons for choosing MBMS as your next radiology billing & practice management provider are likely to come from radiology group practices just like yours.

You’re Known By The Company You Keep.

At MBMS you are indeed in good company, working with some best & most forward thinking Strategic Partners in the radiology billing and practice management industry. These partnerships add value to all of our client relationships.

At MBMS We Specialize In What Matters Most To You!

"MBMS has handled our billing for over sixteen years and we consider it one of the most beneficial relationships we have developed in the industry. MBMS adds value to our practice through their personalized service and their Discover Reporting System that allows instant, real-time access to reports regarding account information. By simply logging into their reporting system via the internet from our office we can view and create multiple reports based on patient data, CPT codes, modality, payer and many others . Letting them handle our group’s billing allows us to concentrate on offering the best radiology expertise possible."
Business Manager | Radiology practice located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 30 Radiologists
"I have worked with other billing providers in the past, none as good as MBMS. MBMS has made my job so much easier by maximizing our cash flow, providing great advice, more meaningful and timely reporting, and outstanding customer service to both our organization and our patients. It takes a lot to make the doctors happy with a billing service provider; MBMS has successfully accomplished that goal."
COO | Radiology practice performing services in the greater Denver, CO area | 28 Radiologists
"A lot of companies talk about bottom line improvement but can’t deliver. MBMS has not only bolstered our bottom line but has improved all critical performance benchmarks our practice evaluates regularly. We choose MBMS over both local and national radiology billing and practice management companies; it is a decision that continues to pay dividends."
Radiologist and Board Member | Radiology practice performing services in the Chicago Land Area | 47 Radiologists
"Since becoming a client in 1999, my partners and I have been thoroughly impressed with the consistency of MBMS’ cash flow and bottom line results as it pertains to our practice. The dedicated employees and Senior Level Client Service Managers responsible for our performance are an extension of our practice, providing us with full range practice management services and a unique outlook on the future of radiology and how we can continue to be successful."
President and Radiologist | Practice located in Central Pennsylvania | 7 Radiologists
"MBMS’ tag line really says it all: ‘Not just billing…a business partner.’ As the leader of a radiology practice with several hospital contracts and imaging centers, I look to MBMS to assist me in areas that go beyond just revenue cycle management. The hosting of educational events, the foresight to form industry leading management services organizations and their willingness to introduce strategic business partners to their clients truly defines what a long term, mutually beneficial relationship looks like in our industry."
CEO | Radiology practice performing services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware | 42 Radiologists
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