It Starts With The Two Best Guarantees In The Industry



Why choose one of the fastest growing radiology billing & practice management companies in the country?

It Starts With The Two Best Guarantees In The Industry

MBMS’ exclusive “Transition Guarantee” can provide your group practice the confidence to switch to MBMS. That’s because we can guarantee no slowing down of cash flow and no loss of income during the transition from your current company to MBMS. Once you become an MBMS client we can provide our exclusive “MBMS Performance Guarantee,” which guarantees a specific level of improved performance since joining MBMS. Only MBMS offers two of the strongest guarantees in the business. Together, they provide additional sound reasons for choosing MBMS. But perhaps the most convincing reasons shouldn’t come from us at all.

Don’t Ask Us. Ask Them!

At MBMS our client list is an open book, enabling you to speak directly to the individuals running each of our client practices. Which means the best, most convincing reasons for choosing MBMS as your next radiology billing & practice management provider are likely to come from radiology group practices just like yours.

You’re Known By The Company You Keep.

At MBMS you are indeed in good company, working with some best & most forward thinking Strategic Partners in the radiology billing and practice management industry. These partnerships add value to all of our client relationships.

At MBMS We Specialize In What Matters Most To You!

Scott Seberg - CEO Midwest Imaging Professionals
"MBMS has handled our billing since 1997 and we consider it one of the most beneficial relationships we have developed in the industry. MBMS adds value to our practice through their personalized service and their Discover Analytics Tool that allows instant, real-time access to reports regarding account information. By simply logging into Discover via the internet from our office we can view and create multiple reports based on patient data, CPT codes, modality, payer and many others.  Letting them handle our group’s billing allows us to concentrate on offering the best radiology expertise possible."

Joanne Manowczak, Business Manager
West Reading Radiology Associates
Joe Calandra - CMO, Midwest Imaging Professionals

"Our practice had an in-house billing operation, but we were unable to keep up with hiring the right talent and leveraging the best technology.  MBMS provided the perfect solution.  They hired my internal staff and provided them with professional oversight and the best revenue cycle management software and processes available.  I was able to turn my focus to other priorities instead of managing the daily operations of billing and collections.   The end result was improved cash flow, better information, happier patients and satisfied radiologists.  I see MBMS as our partner in making our practice more successful.  MBMS InSourcing™ was definitely the right decision for us.”

Darlene Molenaar, COO
Colorado Imaging Associates

Joe Calandra CMO, Midwest Imaging Professionals

"MBMS is more than just a billing company, they are a true business partner.  As the leader of a radiology practice with several hospital contracts and imaging centers, I look to MBMS to assist me in areas that go beyond just revenue cycle management. The hosting of educational events, the foresight to form industry leading management services organizations and their willingness to introduce strategic business partners to their clients truly defines what a long term, mutually beneficial relationship looks like in our industry."

Robert Carfagno, CEO
Radiology Affiliates Imaging

Scott Seberg - CEO, Midwest Imaging Professionals
Scott Seberg - CEO, Midwest Imaging Professionals
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