Introducing Resolve – The Very  Best Radiology Billing System Software Available.

Jason Cavallaro


When MBMS Couldn’t Find The Very Best Radiology Billing System Software We Did The Next Best Thing . . .

We Created It!

MBMS scoured the IT marketplace for years in search of the very best over-the-counter radiology billing services software. Software powerful enough to handle the extremely high transaction volume that the radiology billing industry demands. We weren’t satisfied with what we found off-the-shelf. We thought we could do better. We did with Resolve – the most efficient, most powerful, fastest database/software application created exclusively for our own radiology billing services clients.

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Resolve is our high horsepower engine that drives our exclusive billing platform built by PeopleTechnology℠ – MBMS’ unique combination of the brightest IT developers & programmers creating & applying the best software solutions for our clients. Resolve was built to handle the most sophisticated and client specific/unique radiology practices in the country. Instead of forcing our clients to adapt to some over-the-counter product we are able to design our billing platform around each of their individual needs.

The very best, fastest, most powerful, most customizable & adaptable billing platform is just another way that MBMS specializes in what matters most to you.

Here Are Some Of The Key Advantages Of Resolve:  

  • Resolve is responsive. Our PeopleTechnology℠ team can optimize the system so claims go out faster and dollars come in quicker. Claims spend less time on your books, ensuring better cash flow.
  • Resolve has safeguards. Our automated, detailed auditing process ensures all charges and payments are always accounted for to assure you get paid appropriately for the work you’ve done. This complex process emphasizes the critical nature of pairing powerful technology with industry professionals.
  • Resolve is secure. Your critical data is safe and protected from intrusions and any outside hacking because it’s all backed by the most secure network in the industry.
  • Resolve has scalability because of multidimensional technology and a relational data structure. Resolve is engineered to deliver faster claim turnaround times, achieve more reliable transitions, and scale-up to accept more claims at any given time.
  • Resolve is adaptable. Our team created a unique “primary language indicator” within Resolve so our clients working with a Spanish-speaking client base can send out statements in their native language.
  • Resolve delivers billing reports through payment and charge reconciliation and compelling and accountable performance results.
  • Resolve, characterized by its adaptability, expedites custom report generation, accepts any and all fee schedules, and assures robust reporting functionality.
  • We never have to force our clients to fit the parameters of some over-the-counter software product. We design each Resolve solution around our client’s needs, never the other way around.
  • Resolve is a multidimensional or multi-value database management system. Nearly 2,000 companies worldwide run in this same type of environment; they do so because it is the most efficient, most powerful, fastest database/software application for high transaction volume industries like yours.
  • Every new reimbursement constraint impacts your payment. MBMS’s PeopleTechnology℠ team is specifically trained to manage these changes and continuously adapt Resolve to keep it relevant to your needs.
  • Our PeopleTechnology℠ team proactively prepares for months, sometimes years, in advance of any mandated changes that will affect your billing procedures; covering all aspects of your billing cycle to make certain every possibility is addressed. Only robust software like Resolve can continue to keep it relevant for you.
  • Because MBMS PeopleTechnology℠ team doesn’t depend on 3rd party software vendors like our competitors do, Resolve can complete client upgrades on an ongoing/as-needed basis. It also means you never have to wait for the next large scale software “releases.”
  • Resolve, collaborating with Discover™, can capture data and differentiate it by facility, parse by specific location, and create layered customization. This type of “layered” customization for large enterprise networks demonstrates the value Resolve, brings to every client.

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"MBMS has handled our billing since 1997 and we consider it one of the most beneficial relationships we have developed in the industry. MBMS adds value to our practice through their personalized service and their Discover Analytics Tool that allows instant, real-time access to reports regarding account information. By simply logging into Discover via the internet from our office we can view and create multiple reports based on patient data, CPT codes, modality, payer and many others . Letting them handle our group’s billing allows us to concentrate on offering the best radiology expertise possible."
Business Manager | Radiology practice located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 30 Radiologists
"I have worked with other billing providers in the past, none as good as MBMS. MBMS has made my job so much easier by maximizing our cash flow, providing great advice, more meaningful and timely reporting, and outstanding customer service to both our organization and our patients. It takes a lot to make the doctors happy with a billing service provider; MBMS has successfully accomplished that goal."
COO | Radiology practice performing services in the greater Denver, CO area | 28 Radiologists
"A lot of companies talk about bottom line improvement but can’t deliver. MBMS has not only bolstered our bottom line but has improved all critical performance benchmarks our practice evaluates regularly. We choose MBMS over both local and national radiology billing and practice management companies; it is a decision that continues to pay dividends."
Radiologist and Board Member | Radiology practice performing services in the Chicago Land Area | 47 Radiologists
"Since becoming a client in 1999, my partners and I have been thoroughly impressed with the consistency of MBMS’ cash flow and bottom line results as it pertains to our practice. The dedicated employees and Senior Level Client Service Managers responsible for our performance are an extension of our practice, providing us with full range practice management services and a unique outlook on the future of radiology and how we can continue to be successful."
President and Radiologist | Practice located in Central Pennsylvania | 7 Radiologists
"MBMS is more than just a billing company, they are a true business partner.  As the leader of a radiology practice with several hospital contracts and imaging centers, I look to MBMS to assist me in areas that go beyond just revenue cycle management. The hosting of educational events, the foresight to form industry leading management services organizations and their willingness to introduce strategic business partners to their clients truly defines what a long term, mutually beneficial relationship looks like in our industry."
CEO | Radiology practice performing services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware | 42 Radiologists
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